In a nefarious, futuristic society, an inventive mercenary accepts a covert mission to steal a mythic artifact from the grips of militarized religious extremists in exchange for the whereabouts of his missing son.

Writer / Director: Hamzah Jamjoom
Co-Writer: Patrick Wimp
Visual Effects: Hamzah Jamjoom, Tim Little, Justin Reed, Pixoloid Studios, Digital Hydra
VFX Supervisor (Teaser): Antoine Durr
Post Producer (Teaser): Neal Allen

How it was made

This teaser was created to pitch a TV show called BALANCE. It was created under 2 months and successfully secured a few investors.

BALANCE was born out discussing political issues my business partner and I were passionate about. After approaching a group of investors who were also fired up about the issues, we decided to create a teaser to get them as excited about the show concept as we were.

After writing the script, the first person we hired was concept artist Mark Molnar of Pixeloid Studios (based out of Hungary). With his help, we established the look and feel of the world. Over the course of a month and a half, we wrote a script, storyboarded, shot, and edited the teaser. Utilizing my understanding of visual effects, we were able to accomplish shots very quickly that made the teaser feel immersive and hinted at the world we were working hard to create.

We hired musicians Catalin Marin to create a killer score and Company3 to do color.