Public Housing Unit – Title Sequence

Public Housing Unit - Title Sequence

This title sequence was created for a TV Series my production company Digital Hydra wrote and co-produced. Public Housing Unit is currently being shopped around to different networks.

Director and Designer: Hamzah Jamjoom
Music by: Abdullah Shukur

How it was made

Public Housing Unit is a television series written by my business partner, Patrick Wimp and produced by my wife, Jacquelyn Jamjoom. It is a Digital Hydra co-production in collaboration with Black Apple Media and Chicago Media Angels that I had the honor of consulting the script of, as well as creating the title sequence.

In the midst of a separate project I was directing, I had very limited time to commit; but I knew the project was something I wanted to lend a hand in nonetheless. After laying down some reference images and creating a mockup, I visited the set and spent an hour or so taking photos of anything and everything that fit the tone. I reached out to my friend Ashkur (AKA Abdullah Shukur) with some references for what I needed the sequence to sound like, and he quickly wrote the score.

After two short weeks spent animating in AfterEffects, the final sequence for the show was born. Despite the time crunch I was in, the titles turned out to be something we were all very happy with!