This is an for an ad for an app that promotes donating your Voice Time or Money (VOTIMO) for a cause that you care about.

Writer / Director: Hamzah Jamjoom
Producer: Jacquelyn Jamjoom
Co-Writer / Producer: Patrick Wimp Clair
Post Production: Digital Hydra
Cinematography: Ross Heran

How it was made

In this commercial for VOTIMO, an app in-development that promotes acts of kindness, I wanted to utilize strong narratives paired with visual match-cuts to showcase how kindness can flow from one human to another.

VOTIMO’s main functions are to connect those who want to donate their time, voice, or money to a specific cause while promoting non-profit organizations and events. Over the course of a very short time, I directed both a short and long version of the project, partly via Skype (thanks to a family emergency that kept me in Saudi Arabia for a few weeks). It was an insane yet thrilling experience I hadn’t faced before as a director!